duff motherboard????

  Painlaw 20:48 29 Jan 2003

I have built a computer using new components around an Asus A7V333-X motherboard.

At switch-on the memory check cycles indefinitely but stops after I have pressed the escape key. Then initialisation continues .
On attempting to install Windows 98SE the Windows files read in steadily until the computer needs to restart. Immediately afterwards it tries to install drivers but soon stops with a blue screen which reports a fatal exception at 0594: 000000 218.

This behaviour is consistent over three or more attempts, twice starting from a freshly formatted disk.

Advice please.

  Altair 21:16 29 Jan 2003

If you have more than 1 memory chip, try removing one of them and start again and if the trouble continues replace the other chip and see if it happens again. You may have a faulty chip or they are not seated properly.

  Painlaw 17:05 30 Jan 2003

Ta Altair, I will try pressing on the odd removable chips (BIOS) but most seem to be soldered in.

  BrianW 17:12 30 Jan 2003

Painlaw, don't try to remove (or touch) the soldered in chips or you may do major damage to your machine. The chips that Altair referred to were your ram chip or chips. Look at you m'board manual to confirm the placement of these if you are not sure which these are. Altairs point was that if you have more than one strip of ram, removing one may show if the other was faulty. Also make sure that you fill the chip slots in the correct sequence, again, refer to your m'board manual.

  medicine hat 17:13 30 Jan 2003

I hope you earthed yourself first

  Switcher 17:19 30 Jan 2003

Re Memory: You should have an option in the bios to disable memory check (or similar).

Also check that you have bios set to recognise video card as either PCI or VGA as appropriate.

  Painlaw 17:20 30 Jan 2003

Ta! Folks,

I don`t think there are any removable RAM chips on the board. I only have one new memory strip in a PCI expansion slot and this counts up OK at the start.

Yes, I`m now very careful about static - I have fried a few things in recent time!

  Joe McG 17:23 30 Jan 2003

Painlaw, I think you are getting a little bit mixed up.
memory is inserted into dimm slots on the mobo.
All ram is removable on this mobo.

  Painlaw 14:04 01 Feb 2003

Thanx to all who replied - especially Switcher who got me looking at the bios settings.

Am up and running now - thank goodness.

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