Duff internet!

  NirvanaGuy 09:47 22 Mar 2004

I wish Duff beer were an ISP, but thats not what I mean by duff. Yesterday (GMT) I downloaded and installed iMesh, everything was fine apart from then on MSN Messenger said that I was behind a firewall or that my proxy settings had been changed or removed. Now,I can connect to the internet, but IE and Outlook Express don't work, even though I am online. I can't connect to Messenger, and I've used different browsers to try to view web pages. Still nothing works. I removed 60 odd spy/ad-ware but this still doesn't change anything. I've cleaned my registry of invaild entries but still nothing. I looked in SFC (system file checker) and lots of .dll and ocx's were missing, haven't been able to replace these as they aren't on my Win98SE CD.

I noticed under system info that Wsock32n.dll is missing, could this be the little dynamic link library file that is making my browsing stop?

If anyone has a clue what this duff internet is about then PLEASE send all your comments my way ASAP!

Thank you!

  Diodorus Siculus 10:44 22 Mar 2004

Maybe a repair of IE will sort things for you: click here

  NirvanaGuy 14:52 22 Mar 2004

Thanks for the link, I'll give them ago, I tried running it throught the System Information console, where it is listed, but that had no luck!

I have downloaded a replacement "wsock32n.dll" which will hopefully bring life back into my browser et al.

Thanks again!

I'll keep things posted!

  nyleridedog 15:29 22 Mar 2004

replace yer winsocks

Windows 98 & ME Winsock 2 fix

1. Start -> Run -> scanregw to backup registry
2. Remove TCP/IP from the network stack, DO NOT REBOOT THE PC
3. Start -> Run -> regedit
4. Click on the plus symbols next to hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services
5. Click on winsock2 and delete the key.
6. Reboot the PC
7. Reinstall TCP/IP, and reboot once more

or click here to download a fix for winsock


  NirvanaGuy 15:48 22 Mar 2004

cool, I was just about to post the same thing pretty much!) Thanks!

click here

this page has some good info! sounds as if these will fix the problem, but will keep things posted tonight if I get online!

Thanks for all your comments!

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