Duel Graphics Cards

  dunkplymouth 21:18 16 Oct 2007

I have seen a number of PC's advertised with 2 X 256mb graphics cards

What is the advantage of this, do you only get a benefit if you have two screens? or do they share the processing effectively giving a 512mb card.

  Pine Man 10:51 17 Oct 2007

Not quite sure of the answer to your question but I bought a PC which had an SLI motherboard that enables you to have two graphics cards but it came with one.

When I decide to add another graphics card I was advised not to. The reason being that two cards would be twice as noisy as one card, the PSU might not be man enough and it is often better value to buy one good card instead of having two mediocre cards.

Thats what I did and it's great.

  donki 15:32 17 Oct 2007

Duel GFX cards are a bit like a CPU with 2 processors. The theory is u are spreading the graphical load over to components instead of 1. IMO they have never really took off, as you get nowhere near a 2x prefomance increase. And to get a real benifit u need to have a game thats been optimised for to GFX cards, not many about.

Pine man is right buy urself a whooper of a cards instead. I used to have a 7900GT which was and still is a good card, I thought id buy an other off eBay for a duel (or SLI rig). There was an improvment but i was dissapointed, so i sold both on Ebay and bought a 8800GTS 640mb....... OMG the difference was ASTOUNDING and thats not going over the top.

  [email protected] 16:23 17 Oct 2007

i tried it, the problems i found are:
you have to buy 2 cards.
you cannot fit large fanless coolers (no room)
so you cant overclock
i couldnt overclock anyway as the top card overheated with heat from the card below.
none of my regular games support it = a drop in fps
you can usually buy the very latest and best card for the same price.
if you sli the latest and best card you will bottle neck the cpu.

so stick with 1 good card is my advice.

  dunkplymouth 18:49 17 Oct 2007

Thanks guys

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