duel core processers

  crunchieman 23:49 28 May 2006

i am thinking about buying a new computer.i have noticed some have duel core processers.what are they? and do they have any advantages?.

  Napster 2005 01:00 29 May 2006

Yeah! They use the ghz twice so say its a 2.8ghz it automatically is like double so it would be a 5.6ghz. Its live putting to v6 engines in a car to make it a v12
Hope That Helps!

  Napster 2005 01:06 29 May 2006

A multi-core microprocessor is one which combines two or more independent processors into a single package, often a single integrated circuit (IC). A dual-core device contains only two independent microprocessors. In general, multi-core microprocessors allow a computing device to exhibit some form of thread-level parallelism (TLP) without including multiple microprocessors in separate physical packages. This form of TLP is often known as chip-level multiprocessing, or CMP.

There is some discrepancy in the semantics by which the terms "multi-core" and "dual-core" are defined. Most commonly they are used to refer to some sort of central processing unit (CPU), but are sometimes also applied to DSPs and SoCs. Additionally, some use these terms only refer to multi-core microprocessors that are manufactured on the same integrated circuit die. These persons generally prefer to refer to separate microprocessor dies in the same package by another name, such as "multi-chip module", "double core", or even "twin core". This article uses both the terms "multi-core" and "dual-core" to reference microelectronic CPUs manufactured on the same integrated circuit, unless otherwise noted.

  Jimmy14 01:42 29 May 2006

I have a dual core entertainment system and it works very well. They are best at having two very high demanding applications such as video editing and a very good game running at the same time which takes advantage of the two cores built in to the one processor. If you use alot of applications and need power then go for dual core.

The specific one i have is Intel Pentium D but Amd over a range e.g Athlon 64x2 and Athlon Fx55

  FatboySlim71 11:10 29 May 2006

My PC has a Intel Pentium D 950 dual core 3.4 ghz, which I have overclocked to 4 GHZ, even at its standard 3.4GHz, it is really fast and makes DVD encoding blisteringly fast(I ONLY OVERCLOCKED IT AS I WANTED TO GET ALL I COULD OUT OF THE PROCESSOR). The real beauty of the dual core is that you can, be encoding a DVD and say surf the internet at the same time,for instance, and you won't notice any speed drop, as there is 1 core of the processor doing the encoding and the second core can do what ever else you are wanting to do. I really cannot recommend the dual cores enough, there not cheap but like anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

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