Duel channel memory query

  OU812 15:04 20 Jul 2004

I know that on a non-duel channel board the memory speed will always run at the speed of the slowest memory module installed. My query though is this the case with duel channel boards?

I ask because I have just ordered a duel channel board (an Abit VT7) which initially I plan to get up and running using 2x256Mb sticks of PC2100 from my current motherboard which will be installed in duel channel configuration.

Once all is running well,I plan to buy 2x256 Mb sticks of PC3200 which will likewise be installed duel channel.

However to come back to my question If I leave the PC2100 installed after fitting the PC3200 will this slow my memory speed as it would with a non-duel channel board?

  [DELETED] 16:27 20 Jul 2004

Don't reallyknow but I suspect it will have an impact. Go to the Crucial site click here and you are bound to find an article that covers this.

  OU812 20:05 28 Jul 2004

Clearly this subject is not as they say a "goer"!

Nevertheless I'll leave open for a little while longer.

  Dorsai 20:20 28 Jul 2004

I guess it's a case of 'no one knows'. After all if i had just bought a new Mobo, i might use the old slow memory from the last PC, till the wallet was full again, but ASAP, i would get new fast memory, and ditch the old slow stuff.

  OU812 23:18 28 Jul 2004

Your probably right Dorsai, next stop Crucial's web site!

  Fletten 10:27 21 Oct 2005

I have been told that if you are configuring duel channel memory you use slots 1&3, is this correct. I could not find a reference to it on the Crucial site.

  retep888 11:06 21 Oct 2005

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