Duel boot manual configuration?

  spaciousmonti 22:39 14 Jan 2003
  spaciousmonti 22:39 14 Jan 2003

I have installed win2kserver and xp home on my desktop, this is so I can practice my studies for the mcse. Had to reinstall the graphics card which wouldnt work under xp after I installed win2kserver! Worked fine though when booted into server.
Phoned the pc helpdesk and was advised to reformat the partition and reinstall xp, not repair, reinstall. I thought this was a bit extreme but I did it anyway, new PC and waranty(plus screaming kids wanting to play).
Well, the graphics card works fine now, at the bootup screen I get the choice of xp or server (had to modify the boot.ini file) but when I try to boot into server I get the error message
windows root>/system32/hal.dll file missing or corrupt. Now I know this is the Hardware Abstraction Layer file.
I have replaced it with a copy form my laptop which has server installed on it for training purposes, but I still get the same error.
Any suggestions as to how I can get my server partition to boot up properly without mucking up XP again?

Much thanks

  BBez 23:24 14 Jan 2003
  BRYNIT 01:40 15 Jan 2003

Did you install W2k first and then winXP with upto date drivers.

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