Ducument Scanning

  Legslip 11:07 30 May 2009

I have a large manual that I want to scan. I have a full & proper version of Scansoft Omnipage 15 but after scanning a couple of pages the documents do not look anything like the originals. The originals contain flowcharts and tables etc. Is there any way of scanning such a document so that it looks identical to the original but will enable me to edit it?

  Diemmess 16:11 30 May 2009

I use version 10
Perhaps I'm too impatient.
I admit to frustration and feeling there must be better ways of doing the work.
I'm sure that some experimentation with settings would help, but if the originals contain tables and more than one column,
I hope V. 15 has improved

Starting with the scan, I find it better to use greyscale rather than B & W.

Avoid Auto for recognition, this is the point where judgment + trial and error come in.

I expect you have found the interpretation to be a mite pernickety?
I have, so I go straight through to the clipboard then Word and spend the time correcting formatting errors, there are few flaws in the spelling.

My most major job was transcribing a 250 page memoir for a friend who had a print but no electronic version available.
Fortunately it was formatting and proofing that was needed, so the start was simple enough

  Legslip 22:56 30 May 2009

Thanks Diemmess. Yes, perhaps twiddling with the settings may help. I do use auto-recognition but perhaps more time reading the user guide may be beneficial! Like you I send direct to word and do the tweaks there.

It would be interesting to know if anyone has found any OCR programme that will convert into Word pretty well exactly what is on the original page.

  phono 23:05 30 May 2009

Like Diemmess I have found grey scale, rather than B & W, or colour for that matter, to yield better results when scanning tables and so on.

I have to admit though that sometimes I do believe it would be quicker to retype a document than to use Omnipage. Maybe I should sit down and read through the help files. ;^)

  RRTX 17:27 01 Aug 2009

01 August 2009

I had 15 or 16 and now have Omnipage Pro 17. Great software.

I have scanned complex pages and depending upon the save, whether to Word or Adobe .pdf, the displays, but particularly the saved versions, come out relatively accurate in Word but identical to the original if saved to .pdf.

Legslip, you comment about "display" being inaccurate. Are you speaking of saved .pdf also or just what you see on the monitor after the scan?

  jbaker65 07:56 02 Aug 2009

I have never tried "Omnipage" but have no problems with "Abby Fine reader"

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