Dualshock 4 on PC keeps disconnecting

  KaraSan 23:16 13 May 2017


I'm not great with computers. Please help.

I play a game on my pc, online, and I use a Dualshock 4 control pad to play it as the game is optimised / designed around one. I have tried this wired, bluetooth and wifi (using an official 1st party Dualshock 4 specific adaptor) and no joy. I've tried a different controller also, wired.

What happens is, I'll be playing, moving, running, jumping or performing any other action and all of a sudden my controller will 'lock up' meaning my character will keep running in the direction they were running, or the screen will continue to spin in the direction I was spinning it, if I was holding a trigger down, the game would continue to act as if the trigger were being held down etc. for just a split second, then it work again. Sometimes this happens twice in quick succession.

It can happen once in a whole night, or not at all, or it can happen multiple times in the space of a few minutes.

I THINK its something to do with my computer restarting my usb connections. You know like how if you unplug something or plug something in to a usb slot your device manager will refresh all the usb connections? Its like that but I've no idea what is causing it. Maybe one of the devices connected via usb is causing them to play up but I'm wondering if there's a simple way for me to diagnose which one it might be?

I think (although it was some time ago and I'm not 100% sure) I've already gone through the process of disconnecting all my usb devices to try and find the culprit, I don't remember it helping.

I've tried checking for driver updates but everything seems up to date. I once did a restore of my system, which didn't help, so I did a complete system wipe, back to installing the OS again and it worked for several months and now is starting again. Which makes me think it can't be hardware related? It was happening constantly, until the complete wipe / reinstall, then worked fine for many many months and recently has started again.

Any advice?

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