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Dual But Separate Use of Computer

  benosc 09:14 30 Jul 2020

Hi I am currently using windows 10 home edition and am the only user. I now want my wife to be able to use the computer which will entail here connecting to her works computer.

Is it possible to have two startup options upon start up so that I can still use the computer as always but my wife can be another user and have windows also installed onto another HD so her work is separate from mine.

Hope the above makes sense and any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 30 Jul 2020

Do not need a separate version of windows

You just need to set up another account her files will be stored in C: \users\her account name\ documents... etc.

It is possible also to move the users folder for each account to a different partition or drive if you require.

If you do not want her to access your filesthen just make sure she is set up as a guest rather than admin account.

Instruction on making a second account click here

  benosc 10:59 30 Jul 2020

Hi Fruit Bat Thanks for your quick reply.

I am not worried about her accessing files etc on the computer, I just don't want anyone (especially her IT guys) having free access to it.

So given what you said, is there any chance that whilst my wife is using the computer someone could gain access?

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:44 30 Jul 2020

You can connect using remote desktop or teamviwer but I doubt if the company's IT dept would do that without using a VPN and wouldn't want you accessing their network.

If your wife is going to work from home then the company really should be supplying a laptop for use which is setup with the company's relevant protection.

  difarn 17:57 01 Aug 2020

You may be able to install another copy of windows 10 in a dual boot situation.

click here

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