dual processors

  the kopite 06:20 01 Apr 2005

Hi Guys May I have your considered opininions on the advantages or even the dissadvantages of a dual processor system Thanks Kopite

  Chegs ® 11:25 01 Apr 2005

I was interested in a dual processor mobo,until I noticed that most were

a)very expensive

b)only offered to double-up with older CPU's(slower)

I then found a site that detailed a speedtest between a standard/twin CPU board,and I think the performance increase was only just noticable(around 5%)in most tasks.This is due to most apps are not written for "multithreading" and windoze especially was mentioned.

(Toms Hardware Guides)

  rubella 11:38 01 Apr 2005

Have a look at some of the benchmarks done with Cinebench 2003. It is a graphics test, but it is one that is heavily dependent on the CPU. You will probably notice the dual CPU machines don’t perform a great deal better than the results generated when tested on a single processor. Well, certainly nothing that’s going to give you a decent increase when it comes to real deal computing. Personally, I’d rather just whack in an FX chip.

  Yoda Knight 12:01 01 Apr 2005

Anyone seen any comparisons on dual 64bit machines ? Do they even exist ?

  Chegs ® 12:12 01 Apr 2005

click here

I haven't found any reviews(yet)but dual 64 bit mobos do exist.

  the kopite 06:17 02 Apr 2005

Thanks Guys Most interesting think I will upgrade my setup any suggestions on improving its performance guys I have a athlon 3200 a elite N2U400-A motherboard the motherboard takes dual channel crucial 3200 memory 512mb and a ATI 9250 128 mb graphics card Thanks Kopite

  jack 08:56 02 Apr 2005

I guess as with most things computery various developments, in say hardware has to go hand in hand with the appropriate software being created or modified, and of course viccy verky.
The answer to all thing from a users point of view
is kerb your impetousness and wait until any particular device/application is about to be superceded then go for it.
The advantages a many - The systems fully developed. all the hardware/Software thats going to be made is there and last but not least- existing as I do on Mr Browns pittance - it will be a lot lot cheaper. Avd in today frenetic pace of things- one does not have to wait too long.

  bremner 10:29 02 Apr 2005

I have running a dual Opteron 246 based machine for twelve months at work. This is based on the MSI Master 2 FAR motherboard.

I do high processing intensive, multiple operations on the machine and it performs very well. I was using a dual Xeon 2.8Ghz based machine and the Opteron knocks this well into the long grass.

It must be said that the performance is most noticable when running multiple applications.

  the kopite 11:37 02 Apr 2005

Thanks Guys I think I will stick with the devil I know just wondered what to go for first more memory at present I have 512mb pc3200 or a better graphics card just wondered which would give my pc thre best boost kopite

  Chegs ® 15:25 02 Apr 2005

The GC you have is a good one.I have upgraded my GC from a GF2,to a GF4 Ti4600,to a Ti4800.The initial hike from GF2 to GF4 produced a noticable improvement in graphics produced,the jump to a Ti4800(8x AGP)wasn't as noticable(only gained a couple of thou' points extra in 3D Mark)My Ti4800 will happily run newish games on high detail,no problem.Increasing RAM from 512Mbs to 1.5Gbs,meant I could run multiple apps all at the same time(play games online/render a video,with XP's background services ALL going,etc)Then I sussed one of my RAM sticks was misbehaving,so removed it and with 1Gb I rarely find anything causes a problem.The RAM upgrade produced the most noticable improvement,as your mobo is presently 512Mbs RAM,if you were to increase this to as much as you could afford the performance gained would be marked.

  Paranoid Android 15:35 02 Apr 2005

I think that the greatest benefit from dual processors is for machines that have to do multiple parallel tasks - servers in the main. For an individual application I believe the performance gains are minimal.

Current thinking seems to be leading more in the direction of dual graphics rather than dual processors.


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