Dual processor windows and integrated vidoe

  newbie22359 15:36 30 Aug 2004

How can I get the version of windows (ME or XP) which supports dual processors.

Also I have read that integrated videocards use some of your ram as vidoe ram, Is this true and can you set how much ram it uses.and if so is there any way to make it direct X 9.0 compatible.

  smokingbeagle 17:38 30 Aug 2004

W2K Pro and XP Pro are dual processor compatible. Win ME will not recognise dual processors though it will function in a dual processor setup. I use W2K Pro in a dual processor PC and am very happy with my choice.

  interzone55 17:56 30 Aug 2004

Integrated video nearly always uses system ram, althogh a few motherboards have built in video ram (my old FIC board had 8Mb of memory for the integrated video chip set).

You can usually set the amount of system ram used from BIOS. It will probably be in the Integrated Peripherals menu.

If it is not already Direct X 9 compatible I don't think you will be able to change that. Besides the changes made from Direct X 8 to 9 are mainly in the high end areas, which will be beyond the scope of most on-board graphics chip sets.

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