dual operating systems

  toga 10:45 13 Jul 2003

I currently run an AMD system, 40GB HD, 256MB mem with WIN 98se. I would like to run either WIN NT Server 4 or WIN 2000 (probably) using another HD to boot from.

I am thinking of this as I would like to run IIS in order to develop web pages/sites.

Is this possible and/or what would be the best way to go about this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  LastChip 11:06 13 Jul 2003

You can dual boot either of those and keep Win 98se. It can be done by creating another partition on your drive, or as you mentioned, by adding another hard drive.

Win 2000 will create a boot page, which asks you which system to boot into.

Just remember on installation, to select the drive you wish to install to and NOT accept the default "C".

  toga 11:15 13 Jul 2003


Thanks for the advice. WHich do you think would be the easier to setup?

  mrdsgs 12:42 13 Jul 2003

win2000 would be much easier and more "future proof".

or you could take the plunge and go straight to XP Pro. It installs as w2000 in dual boot and checking sysytem compatibility is easy.


  LastChip 13:46 13 Jul 2003

Whether you choose to use another drive, or partition your existing, the installation remains the same.

Personally, I would use a separate drive, but only because if you get a hard drive crash, you can still boot into the alternative drive, and stand a chance of seeing what the problem is.

For example, I had a clients machine recently that (presumably) had a head crash on the boot sector, and there was no way I could get it to boot. But by attaching it to a machine with a good drive, was still able to recover all his data, by reading his drive through an alternative operating system.

A lot cheaper than using recovery specialists!

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