dual operating systems

  faichfolds 18:52 06 Feb 2003

I have recently acquired an up to date and much talked about operating system. I want to keep my installation of 98SE, can I have to Operating sysrems on my machine, if so how do I do it

  « Ravin » 19:02 06 Feb 2003

here are some links that should help you out :

click here

  ams4127 19:11 06 Feb 2003

Yes. I'm running 98SE and XP on a laptop.

Basically you just bang in the XP CD and let it sort everything out. It really is as easy as that.

  Joe McG 19:24 06 Feb 2003

better to partition your hard drive, install win98 first then a clean copy of xp.

  zanwalk 20:19 06 Feb 2003

If you don't want to reinstall W98, be sure to back up all your data before you start, then put the XP CD in and it will ask if you wish to upgrade, say no, and then you can make a seperate partition for XP, it's probably best to stick with FAT32 file system as then you could have a seperate data partition which could be read by either OS, and XP will guide you through the installation process. After you have finished you should find that on boot up you have a choice of XP or W98, XP is pretty good at this and installation should be straightforward, but don't forget to back up first!

  faichfolds 00:27 07 Feb 2003

The damn thing didn't let me do another partition.
Luckily most personal files were transferable, as I gave a different name for the windows folder.
However I did have a rather boring task then of searching the hard drive for the data to transfer, and which files from 98 I could then delete. Now I have one operating system with most stuff i needed from the old

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