Jeep129 09:27 09 Sep 2003


Is it possible to install a second operating system on a new PC without having to partition the drive?

If yes, does this create any known problems.

Many thanks


  graham√ 09:34 09 Sep 2003

If the new PC is Windows XP, you will have to uninstall that first. This is because another version of Windows would take over some XP files and systems.

  leo49 09:36 09 Sep 2003

The answer to both parts is Yes.

Not a good idea - if you want to Dualboot do it properly with each OS on it's own partition.

  -pops- 09:36 09 Sep 2003

Depends what the operating system already there is.

If XP, it is not easy to install other systems.

Even so, are you sure you want to do this? Most people I have come across with multiple operating systems only use one with any regularity so the other is just taking up disk space for no good reason.

  graham√ 09:49 09 Sep 2003

I agree with -pops-. Much better to have another (old) PC to play with seperately.

  leo49 10:01 09 Sep 2003

I disagree with you both. I find it very convenient to have several OS's - given the size of today's HDDs, space is simply not an issue.Indeed,my OS's probably take up far less room than the amount of space taken up by many folk's System Restore and Recycle Bin.

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