Dual monitor support

  Mr Confused 16:13 18 Sep 2005

I have an LCD TV and an ordinary CRT Monitor which I would like to set up for dual display support with the LCD TV using a DVI Connection and the CRT Monitor using a VGA Connection. I currently have a GEForce FX5200 128Mb graphics card (AGP connection) but it only seems to allow one display or the other at any one time (if I want to swap I have to shutdown my system, switch the cables round and boot up again).

Can anyone recommend a Graphics card which will make this possible? I'm looking for a high performance graphics card on a tight budget. Don't really want to stretch much past £60.

  red dragon 16:32 18 Sep 2005

I think you can get a cable that allows dual display. It has one connection the goes the the vga card with two cables coming from it.

Hope this helps.

Red Dragon

  red dragon 16:36 18 Sep 2005

click here

The only one I have found so far is at the link above fron the states, but in sure you can get them here.

Red Dragon

  red dragon 16:40 18 Sep 2005

click here

Cheap and in the UK!

Red Dragon

  Mr Confused 16:47 18 Sep 2005

Thanks for your help - I give that a try!

  tarkus 17:00 18 Sep 2005

does your card have only one vga output or does it have 2 vga connectors + an svideo connector or is it 1 vga + svideo connector. also the links that red dragon sent you will only give you 2 of the same views (clone) what i think you are asking is you want to be able to use both the monitors at same time so you can spread your desktop accross them (span mode) what you need if this is the case is a card with 2 x vga outputs something like this click here

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