Dual Monitor Setup + TV as Third Screen?

  Wolfaen 00:58 28 Nov 2016

Hey guys, I currently have a dual monitor setup with the extended display setting on Windows 10 and it works perfectly. However, I recently bought a HDMI cable to plug in to my TV/computer so I could duplicate my main monitor on to the TV so my wife could watch me play games(she likes watching me game for some reason). The TV will duplicate the main monitor, but when I do that it disables my second monitor that has the extended display. Is there any way to have three monitors or screens where you duplicate the main monitor and the third monitor, then have the second monitor as an extended display? I have a Radeon r290 graphics card if that helps at all.

  Archonar 14:08 28 Nov 2016

I believe that using an HDMI splitter to go to your main monitor and TV and then a single HDMI cable plugged into a different port going to your second monitor would allow you to to this. Set the display settings to "Extend" for the second monitor, the TV and main monitor should show the same thing since they are receiving the same signal.

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