Dual monitor setup HDMI second screen no display.

  Jonny2may 04:23 09 Nov 2016

I need help for my 2 monitors I'm not sure what's up with one of them. On the left I use (DVI to VGA) and the right monitor, my main one I use (mini HDMI to HDMI) This one, the main one displays 'no signal' I've been using it for a couple months no problem working fine and a couple of days ago while on my computer it just displayed 'no signal' while my monitor on the left (vga) stayed on working perfect. But the computer recognized the monitor still being visible as I can move things to it and when I access it on 'chrome remote desktop' on my phone you can see that it's still being displayed (picture attached below) click here and the other pic below is what I see irl, sorry for the bad lighting it's late here. Anyway I'll get the simple suggestions out of the way -Yes it is selected as 'HDMI' on the monitor. -Yes the HDMI cable works as it works with my PS4 and the PS4 Hdmi cable also tested on it with no results -Yes the monitor works, I plugged in the VGA and it displays, I also plugged in the PS4 over hdmi and it displays my PS4 no problem - And I also replaced the 'mini hdmi adapter' and that hasn't fixed it.

So any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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