Dual monitor graphics card

  Blacki 20:38 23 Mar 2005

s it possible to play a game like (battle field 1942) on one monitor while your email package or browser is running in the other monitor. And if so has anyone any reccomendations about a card.


  Terry Brown 21:22 23 Mar 2005

As far as I know, you can have a program running across 2 monitors (i.e. word or Excel type programs), but not 2 separate programs

  Praxis99 21:41 23 Mar 2005

Yes it should be possible however since the game you will be playing will be using pretty much all your CPU resources performance in other areas is likely to be sluggish at best.

What you would need to do would be to set up up an extended desktop which would allow you to drag programmes from your primary to your secondary screen. If you wanted run your game on your secondary screen you would first need to set it up such that it did not open full screen so you can drag it across to your secondary screen and likewise with any other programmes you would want to run from your secondary monitor.

As for gfx cards most cards of a recent vintage have a DVI (which you can use with a VGA screen via an DVI to VGA adapter) VGA and TV out.

As for cards it pretty much comes down to your budget and personal choice, but the Nvidia 6600GT seems to be a good card which can be had for around £140 and should have plenty of power for most games.

  DieSse 22:55 23 Mar 2005

Try putting dual head graphics cards into a Google search, and read away.

If you currently have a good graphics card for gaming, you could also add a second (PCI if your primary graphics card is AGP) graphics card. Windows supports multiple graphics cards.

It's no at all problem to have two different applications, one on one screen, the other on the second.

  TomJerry 23:49 23 Mar 2005

mostly one for vga and one for dvi, check your card out, it may already have them

of course, you can run as many programs as you want over different monitor, just as a example, my little PC has five monitors

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