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  Batch 12:16 23 Aug 2011

My existing 19" 5:4 ratio monitor is on the blink and so have been looking at replacements. I could buy another similar monitor either new (they are still available - just) or s'hand.

I have been tempted by a dual monitor set-up in the past (e.g 2 x 19" 5:4), but that gets a bit big for my desk. Also I'd have to get a suitable video card for this to work.

Alternatively I could get a widescreen (which would need to be a 24" to give me the screen height I want to be able to view complete A4 pages at an acceptable text size). I don't have a need for widescreen for watching videos, gaming etc.

I did wonder if there is software out there that would emulate a dual monitor set-up. Having searched around I found Splitview at splitview.com. It does the job after a fashion, but have found that it doesn't work well in conjunction with Google Chrome.

Does anyone know of any other dual monitor emulators (preferable free)?

  gengiscant 12:47 23 Aug 2011

I use a Dell u2410 as my main monitor on my desk, I then have a second 24 inch monitor which I have mounted on a wall using this: Vesa which means I move the monitor when I want to use it and it also means I can have 4 documents open at the same time each getting half of a 24 inch screen.

  Batch 13:06 23 Aug 2011


You might find that the likes of splitview is useful even when you are using two physiacl monitors (e.g. enabling each of them to emulate two or more monitors).

In spite of my slightly negative comments about earlier about splitview, I've managed to overcome the Chrome issues by playing with the settings. Might be worth downloading and trying it (it has 30 day free trial, but costs about £30 in UK).

Looking at their site, it certainly supports multiple physical monitors, but this may only be when used with the likes of Citrix / Terminal Services.

  gengiscant 13:16 23 Aug 2011

Cannot think of any use whatsoever for this software. Thanks anyway.

  Batch 13:29 23 Aug 2011


The software facilitates the sizing and positioning of windows so that they occupy (for example) two halves of a screen (e.g. side by side), without having to manually resize / drag.

Just like with dual monitors, where when one maximises a window it maximises within just the one monitor, this software will achieve a similar effect in a single monitor in (for example) the left or the right half of the monitor. It achieves this by adding two extra buttons to the title bar of each window to maximise to the left or right part of the screen (based on pixel widths which you predefine in the set-up).

If it's not for you, fair enough, but for me it would give me the benefit of dual monitors just from a single wide screen.

  gengiscant 13:36 23 Aug 2011

With windows 7,which I use, by holding the windows key and hitting left or right arrow key the pages are automatically sized to half the screen,left or right.

  Batch 14:00 23 Aug 2011

That's interesting. XP doesn't support that.

Wonder if there is some software out there which will simply provide that for XP?

  gengiscant 14:32 23 Aug 2011

Cannot say I have come across it. But on reading here Split screen in can be done but not quite as simply.

  Batch 15:39 23 Aug 2011


CTL+click on the taskbar entries and then Tile Vertically etc is somewhat clunky and I think one would get pretty T'eed with that.

I've now come across a few other apps:

A. WinSplit

B. Gridmove

C. Twinsplay

Shall have a play around and see what I think. But on first looks, SplitView is by far and away the best. Not only does it enable WindowsKey+left/right arrow. It also adds additional buttons to the title bar of each window making it quick, easy and intuitive.

  Batch 17:07 23 Aug 2011

Update and summary for anyone wanting for future ref.

Splitview is the winner. It is a small, lightweight program. It doesn't try to do too much, but what it does do, it does very well. Downside is the cost. Would be good if Vyooh (the vendors) took a leaf out of the AV companies' book and made it free (or nominal cost) for personal use. It currently costs about £30 in UK.

WinSplit would be my second choice. But unlike Splitview, it is a more general purpose window manager rather than something that more readily emulates a dual monitor set up on a single monitor. WinSplit has an extensive set of settings, including multiple windows and ways of moving windows (based on key clicks like CTL+ALT+4). It doesn't seem to have any mosue based support to quickly position and resize with a single click (unlike Splitview). Freeware

Twinsplay is quite a large program. I only tried the simple (vertically) split screen. It worked well enough (by right click on the title bar of each window and selecting an option from the drop down, but still nowhere near as intuitive as Splitview. Caused all sorts of errors on uninstall (I shall be restoring a previously created image, so doesn't really cause me probs). Twinsplay supports other things like virtual desktops. Costs USD29.

GridMove is based on a number of user definable Grids (Winsplit also uses a similar approach but presents in a different and probably more usable way). A bit complex and not slick (it doesn't have anywhere near the professional feel of the others). Freeware.

Summary - for what I want Splitview is clean and simple. In comparison, the others are not, but have much more capability (that I don't want or need).

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