Dual monitor colour problem

  joelmb 23:31 25 Jul 2005

Hi. I'm running dual dell 1704 fpv monitors on win xp pro using a 128mb nvdia graphics card, one monitor using a digital input, the other using analogue. I've not noticed until today, but there's quite a colour (or brightness/gamma??) difference between the two.

I'm a web designer, and only noticed today when using Photoshop that having designed a site layout on the digital screen, when I move the app over to the analogue the colours are quite different eg blues are paler / different shade, and oranges appear yellow. Also where I've used an image on 10% transparency on the digital monitor it looks good and just visible to appear behind text, on the analogue screen its barely visible! This is quite a worry.

I checked on my laptop, and the image appears the same as the analogue display. so the digital is giving me an enhanced display, I guess as its more accurate. The problem is, I need obviously to design for how the majority of users will see it. I'd ideally like both monitors to represent the same thing so I can work on either. I've loaded the correct Dell drivers, played with colour settings, all to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas, or experienced this, and is there any solution??

  woodchip 23:47 25 Jul 2005

Check Monitor settings in Display properties, are both the same. or check the on screen buttons on the monitor, Tally

  joelmb 23:59 25 Jul 2005

thanks, but yes first thing i tried. im sure the problem is occurring due to one being analogue and the other digital.

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