Dual Monitor

  BustaGTK 18:43 19 Sep 2008

I have just recieved my pc from dell having requested specifically the ability to run two DVI monitors (Dell 17inch). However after they did not include a splitter cable I ordered one online. It arrived today and when plugged in the monitors do not work. However plugged in individually they do i.e monitors are not the prob. Can anyone advise me as I cannot sit on dells support line for another 1:45min awaiting support.

  woodchip 19:01 19 Sep 2008

You have to setup Dual Monitors in Display Options\Adapter

Right Click Desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced\Adapter

  BustaGTK 19:09 19 Sep 2008

Hi Woodchip

Thanks for that. Once I am in "Adapter" what should I do?

  woodchip 19:11 19 Sep 2008

You should look for tab with Monitors, You need them both connected before you do this. Also switch Computer off before plugging in

  BustaGTK 19:15 19 Sep 2008

I have a new dvi splitter. There is no signal to the monitors when using the splitter. Do I need to pull out some of the teeth on the splitter to mirror the monitor cables?

  woodchip 19:19 19 Sep 2008

A Splitter is no Good, you have to have two connections to the graphics card. i.e two cables

  BustaGTK 19:23 19 Sep 2008

It is a dual graphics card, but there is only one dvi slot. There is a vga higher up on the box, but if we plug a monitor into this, it comes up with a message saying the monitor is plugged into the video ? . When we called Dell, they told us we needed a splitter.

  Woolwell 19:31 19 Sep 2008

Do you want the same display on both screens or different display on each?

  woodchip 19:32 19 Sep 2008

No good you should use a VGA if that is the other connection. A splitter will not work

  woodchip 19:34 19 Sep 2008

Not just that but monitors will have different settings if they are different monitors. hows the graphics going to deal with that

  BustaGTK 19:35 19 Sep 2008

I want a different display on each.
The vga does not work at all. Keeps saying it is plugged into the video output

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