dual moniters

  Andy-2004 21:20 15 Jan 2004

ive got a nvidia fx 5200. and i am considering buying a flat screen 17" or 19". i was wondering if i could somhow run 2 moniters side by side.

im runing xp pro. 2.5 p4 processor .512 RAM

Regards Andy-2004

  [email protected] 21:56 15 Jan 2004

check out multiple monitors in the help files

  Andy-2004 22:06 15 Jan 2004

r u sure i can do it whith my graphics card?

  [email protected] 22:10 15 Jan 2004

what ports / connections are on the back of the card

  keenan 22:14 15 Jan 2004

If your graphics card has DVI output, and buy a TFT with DVI input you can connect both monitors to your
card, and get the benefits of a digital display.

Most of the FX series support dual display

click here

just in case you dont want to spring for a TFT a small DVI to VGA convertor can be bought for three pounds at dabs which will allow you to attach two CRTs . provided your card has the two connections then XP makes it very simple to set up your monitors, I would whole heartedly recommend it to everyone .Dual monitors has increased my productivity more than any other upgrade to my system.

  Andy-2004 12:38 16 Jan 2004

my card does have 2 connections(1 big 1 small)(sorry not verry technical) and with my pc (which came from novatech) came a little adapter which changes the big slot into the small one

my moniter at the moment (CRT)is pluged into the small one.

can i just buy a TFT and use the little adapter to change the size of the connector?

regards Andy-2004

  Andy-2004 12:40 16 Jan 2004

also is the combenation of CRT and TFT ok?

Andy the TFT will probably want the 'big one'. yes the combination should be fine. the resolutions, color depth etc are set up independently so no worries.

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