Dual Moniter Help!

  Dearersteak 03:08 26 Jul 2003

Hi all!

Ok, I've got a Gate way Pc, (i'm in the states) and i have a 64mb ATI REDEON EV(machines 2 years old). Now i already have a Flat screen DVI moniter connected, Which works great! I have it set at 32 bit colour, and 1280 x 1024 res! Now a friend has given me an old CRT moniter, (VGA) And so i fancyed trying out the dual moniter support! So i connected the moniter, then clicked on Add new hard ware! Did'nt work, So i tryed to reboot! Let it detect it on its own accord. But nothing happened on the CRT, But the Flat panel was now in 16 Bit, 640 x 480. I tryed to change it back, but i asked to reboot, so i did. And there was an error about the drivers! so in other words, No effect! I was going round in cricls. Now, at this point, and from the off, NOTING has yet appear on the CRT! So i've now disconnected the CRT, and managed to get the flat panel back to what it was set to before!

What am i doing wrong? Never set up a dual moniter before, so i assume that its me thats faulty!

Any feed back welcome! Thanks!

  hugh-265156 03:20 26 Jul 2003

go to click here and get the latest drivers for your graphics card.

remove the old ones first via add remove programs.ati control panel first(dont reboot) then the driver and reboot.then install the new driver,reboot and then install the control panel.also try this click here

you dont say which operating system you have but have a look in:

control panel/display/settings/ you should see two screens 1 & 2,click on 2 and then tick the extend my windows desktop to this monitor box.

also for radeon cards have a look in:

control panel/display /settings/advanced/displays and set up your second monitor here.

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