Dual Layer DVD Writer Does Not Recognise DL Discs

  ediface 20:44 31 Mar 2005

I purchased an OEM NEC ND-3520A Dual Layer DVD Burner from Dabs.com. However it does not recognise any of the DL discs I have purchased. (DVD re-writables are no problem with this drive). I have contacted NEC and they recommended using Verbatim DL discs, which I did and they did not work. I then contacted Dabs and their 'expert's' answer was 'send the drive back as faulty'(which I do not think it is). NEC will not support an OEM product, referring me back to Dabs (whose response is as previously stated). I am using Nero 6 to burn DVDs. Is this a firmware solution (NEC do not have an upgrade for this model) or could it be a formatting problem. Any advice please?

  User-312386 20:50 31 Mar 2005

In nero are you selecting the DVD9 at the bottom left hand corner?

  User-312386 20:50 31 Mar 2005

sorry meant bottom right hand corner

  Storik 20:53 31 Mar 2005

Why not do as Dabs suggested and send the drive back a faulted? It would give you the choice of another DVDR, which also writes to dual layer disks.

I'm using a Plextor PX-716A, which is probably more expensive than the one you purchased, but there are others. I use Plextor because I've always found them extremely reliable.

Just an observation.


  ediface 21:48 31 Mar 2005

I have looked for DVD9 in the bottom right hand corner and cannot see it either before I select 'new' or after (where the disc capicity is displayed). Should I be going into Nero via Startsmart to view this?

  ediface 21:51 31 Mar 2005

I agree, but if it is something simple like a formatting issue I would prefer to explore this first.

  User-312386 22:12 31 Mar 2005

here is what to do

Open smartstart>click dvd at the top> now hover on data (looks like a piece of paper)now click make data dvd. Now Nero will open and you will see in the bottom right hand corner the dvd5/dvd9 drop down

Select DVD9 and your done. To change back to single layer, reverse the above.

  ediface 22:22 31 Mar 2005

Thanks - I'll give that a go!

  User-312386 22:23 31 Mar 2005

do you have nero express?

  ediface 19:30 01 Apr 2005

Yes I do. However, your instructions worked perfectly and I can now burn the DL discs. Thanks for your help!

  User-312386 02:01 02 Apr 2005

My Pleasure :)

Happy burning

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