Dual graphics not working

  didymas 01:32 11 Aug 2013

I have a Lenovo z585 which has a APU and dedicated graphics card but I do not have the option to enable dual graphics in AMD VISION Engine Control Center. I have tried updating all of the drivers and even formatted and reinstalled the newest drivers but it still doesn't work.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:29 11 Aug 2013

Which two displays are you trying to enable? When you reply please confirm your Windows version.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:34 11 Aug 2013

According to this review, the simultaneous use of both cards, is activated from the start. Alternatively, the HD 7670M can also be deactivated.

I would suggest having a look in your manual to see if you have not inadvertently deactivated the GPU.

May I ask how you know your graphics are not dual?

  didymas 15:23 11 Aug 2013

I am using Windows 8. Also I know they are dual because a friend has the exact same laptop and it adjective to enable it on startup and I see the option. . When I first turned it on it didn't ask to enable dual graphIcs and I don't see the option.

  didymas 15:33 11 Aug 2013

Forgot to post that I will look in the manual in a few minutes. Don't know why I didn't think of that to be honest.

  didymas 15:47 11 Aug 2013

Can't find anything about it in the manual.

  Woolwell 21:36 11 Aug 2013

Is there a function key for switching to external display and internal display?

  didymas 17:00 15 Aug 2013

No there isn't.

  Woolwell 17:53 15 Aug 2013

According to the manual Fn +F3 opens an interface to select an external display. Most laptops (if not all) have a function key to toggle between displays.

  didymas 21:40 15 Aug 2013

That does not help me. I want to enable dual gpu graphics I said nothing about a second monitor.

  Woolwell 21:59 15 Aug 2013

Sorry but you didn't respond otherwise after the second post and responded to my post about a function button.

Does this help? AMD Support Have you checked your Energy Saving Mode and power mode of your laptop?

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