Dual Core & XP Home - Do they go together?

  JEFoord 21:30 31 Oct 2005

After asking for advice from Evesham.com about the pro's and con's of Xp Pro against Xp home, I recieved the following advice which i was very suprised to read, Is it a waste of time having a dual core processor if if wont see any benefit on Xp Home?

Have a read and let me know what you think, Thanks.

In short, purchasing XP PRO will NOT be a waste of money.

XP PRO offers you a much higher level of performance to that of XP Home. It offers more stability, is less prone to the ‘blue screen of death’. XP PRO offers much more Hyper Threading, Dual Core and multiple processor support than XP Home.

XP Home DOES NOT SUPPORT multiple processors, and does not officially support HT or dual core processors. According to Microsoft, they originally did not intend for XP Home to support Dual core or HT technology as this is the domain of XP PRO however, it is possible to utilise said technologies although from what I gather, it will be fairly limited. These are my own conclusions as this is a subject to much debate whereby you will find roughly 50/50 say it does/doesn’t support it)

Thus purchasing XP Pro for an Athlon X2 machine will offer you a much higher level of performance than that of XP Home (you will also get an increase of up to 30-40% on top of that from XP PRO x64).

That said, it you are not interested running a Dual core machine (such as Athlon X2 and Pentium D series) then XP Home will suffice, although the ASR (Automated System Recovery tool) is not installed by default there is no remote agent. There are also a few other utility tools that have been removed from the Home release such as Admin tools, NTFS encryption utility, security templates and performance logs.

XP PRO also extends security support for multiple users, offers better support for networking and has the MS Backup facility installed by default.

On the upgrading front, Microsoft has announced that XP PRO can be upgraded to XP PRO x64 for no additional charge. The PRO license is transferable.

Microsoft has announced that there will be NO such provision to upgrade XP Home to XP x64, and I am yet to find official confirmation regarding whether Home can be upgraded to the next version of windows.

  woodchip 21:38 31 Oct 2005

You are better getting a Single CPU as there are not many things that support them yet and it could run at half speed as it would only be reading one set of instructions by one CPU

  Number 7 21:54 31 Oct 2005

Windows xp Pro will support two CPUs- dual-core or not (both CPUs can be dual-core).

Windows xp Home will only support one CPU- dual-core or not (one CPU dual-core).

Dual-core means ONE CPU with two cores, so Win XP Home will be fine- there's no advantage gained by running xp Pro on a single CPU dual-core system.

Win XP Pro has the extra features mentioned in your post, but as far as providing an advantage over XP home for dual-core CPUs- no.

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  woodchip 21:59 31 Oct 2005

But there will not be any benefits as Software not created yet For Dual core

  Number 7 22:05 31 Oct 2005

Woodchip hits the nail on the head.

There are no current games/applications that need/require dual-core CPUs.

  DuncanG 22:11 31 Oct 2005

But as i undertsnad it, it does mean u can say rip a DVD whilst playing a game as each application can run on the different core, so neither will run twice as fast but both will run at 100%, is that correct?

  malgall 22:11 31 Oct 2005

I am also looking at buying a new computer
but like you single or dual core

a lot of people see dual core as the future
but in the end is it worth the extra cost

i think so but in the end a year from now a
new cpu could be out and replace it

the other thing is the extra money you spent on dual core could buy you the best 3d card
money can buy

  timothyt 22:19 31 Oct 2005

at the minute it's a waste of time really. But as developers write software that makes use of x2 cores you'll see more of a benefit then. At the minute they're ridiculously expensive too.

Kinda the same thing for 64 bit CPUs really.

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