dual core what is it ?

  preston 10:48 12 Apr 2006

what is dual core and how much better is it than an ordinary pentium 4.

  Jamesy 10:52 12 Apr 2006

it means that there's 2 physical cores of the CPU and it's meant to improve multitasking abilities. Basically, you should be able to do more things at the same time with less drain on your system. RAM improves multitasking by meaning that you can have more programs open at the same time, but dual-core improves it more in the way of you can have multiple cpu-intensive programs running at the same time. Ie: you could be encoding video at the same time as watching a movie without notable slowdown of the system. Theoretically anyway. Long and short of it, unless you plan to multitask a lot or they are offered at a bargain price, a dual-core system at this moment in time is not an absolute necessity it just makes your system more future-proof.

  Totally-braindead 10:56 12 Apr 2006

Until programs are specifically written to take advantage of dual core they will not be a disernable difference for most people but as Jamesy says if you're thinking of a new system its worth considering to future proof yourself. As far as that is possible these days as things move so fast.

  anskyber 11:06 12 Apr 2006

From what can be seen if you plan to get Vista in the future then it is said that dual core will be needed to get full advantage of the graphics features. Also for a simple guide click here and choose "dual core demo"

  anskyber 11:08 12 Apr 2006

Incidentally the AMD Athlon 64x2 seems to be favoured over the Intel products. But tommorrow may be another story!

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