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  Chaindrive1970 12:29 17 Dec 2007


I was considering buying the pc game Crisis but i have noticed that minimum requirement is a 2.8 ghz processor. My pc has a AMD athlon 64 xp3200+ processor (2.0 ghz) socket 939 the biggest single processor i can upgrade to is an xp3800+ (2.4ghz)but i have seen a xp4000 dual core processor. does a dual core effectively double the processing speed and will it enable me to play this game?


  Luz 13:16 17 Dec 2007

I have a quadcore PC, it doesnt actually make that much difference to games (I beleive) unless the game has been written to take advantage of it... GFX cards make a lot of difference to games (DX10 etc). The CPU could be a bottle neck, so upgrading could mean you could play better games.. but duo and quad core just means you computer can do more things at once. For instance I can now convert and burn DVDs, download 20 + files and play COD 4 on-line with no lag all at the same time....

I am not very technical, so am sure someone else will give a more precise answer....!!!!

  gudgulf 13:17 17 Dec 2007

You don't say what the rest of your pc specification is.

Crysis needs a really high spec pc to play properly.......including a large amount of RAM and high end graphics card.

Why not download and try the demo click here

It will give you a chance to see if your pc comes close to being able to run the game.

  Chaindrive1970 14:39 17 Dec 2007

2 gb Ram, 512mb Nvidia 7600gt graphics card, i had to upgrade the graphics card to play MOH Airborne.
Thanks, i will try the demo.

  Totally-braindead 15:15 17 Dec 2007

I've played the demos for both Crysis and MOH Airborne on my PC Athlon 64 3500+, 1 gig ram, 7600GS graphics card and both played fine.
I must admit you have to fiddle with the options a bit graphicswise to get them to play but the demos still looked rather good.
So the game should play on your PC ok as long as you realise you will have to drop some of the graphics options.
Now I use XP. If you have Vista then I think it will struggle.
You're in the same boat as me to a degree, mines a 939 board and I have been considering a 4200 dual core CPU as thats only about £40 for an OEM one.
Its not an upgrade I would normally consider as 939 boards have been replaced now with a new socket and its not a big enough jump but since games like Crysis are written to run better on dual core it might be a reasonable upgrade for £50. The 4400 if your board can take it can still be found but they seem to be asking about £80-100 for it and at that price it would be as well getting a motherboard bundle with an AM2 processor on it.
As gudgulf suggested try the demo, I loved it even with the lower graphics.

  Chaindrive1970 10:05 18 Dec 2007

Thanks for your help and suggestions, I downloaded the demo last night and it runs fine- awesome game!

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