hijo 17:07 18 Oct 2006

has anyone got one of the new dual core pc's that can give me some idea if there much better then the normal pc's,as i am thinking of getting a good un around a grand, max £1400,

  sean-278262 17:10 18 Oct 2006

Define good. They will multitask better than a single core but in many cases the dual cores are overall slower than an on par single version(with only one core speed). However overall you are future proofing yourself.

  rawprawn 17:18 18 Oct 2006

Marking this as I will be interested to see the comments.

  sean-278262 17:22 18 Oct 2006

Incase my previous one takes too long to make sense of simply put the singles are better overall for speed but duals are futureproofing yourself. I would take the dual core as in the not so distant future you will get more from it as you sound as if you are a gamer.

  rawprawn 17:31 18 Oct 2006

I am no gamer but I would like my next computer to be faster, particularly multitasking. At the moment My dell Dimension 4300 (4 years old)can get swamped when I ask it to do too many things. I have upgraded RAM etc as far as the MB will take.

  anskyber 17:31 18 Oct 2006

As a simple comparison click here then choose different CPUs and choose a benchmark you want to test it against. eg, multitasking or games to see how different CPUs perform.

Creature of the Nite advice in effect summarises the tests available on my link.

  sean-278262 17:32 18 Oct 2006

Then dual core will make your day. If you are willing to wait a few months more till after xmas there are supposed to be quad cores readily available so that would make even more of a difference.

  anskyber 17:34 18 Oct 2006

I have recently (7 months ago) bought a Dell Dimension 9150 with dual core and it breezes through multi tasking, see my link above.

  rawprawn 17:43 18 Oct 2006

Thanks for that, I am taking note and saving up!!
After Xmas seems about the right time for both me and technology

  [email protected] 18:17 18 Oct 2006

Dual Core - Video rendering pimps and speedy ;-)

  hijo 22:37 18 Oct 2006

"Creature of the Nite" is this true next year there is going to be quad core pc's...??? do we have a price....????

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