Dual core M/B bundles

  22bty 10:14 07 Mar 2009

Hi all

Last week I purchased a M/B amd Dual core 64bit for My old box, the guy said my memory would fit & all should be OK.

When I fitted it into my box at first it would only start in safe mode then didnt start at all.
I put my HDD into my other box (which was working OK) to see if I could get any files back,
(Same old problem forgot to B/Up first),
I made it the slave but it seemed to corrupt the master on that box as well.

I put the old M/B back & it took three tries to reformat & reload XP losing all my files of course.
Have I been fooled by the seller (at a computer fair) that I need to change somthing else to have a 64bit Dual processor & M/B fit into my machine?

Hope someone can throw some light on this for me
I am getting too old for all this new fangled products. I used to be ok with dos (ha ha)

many thanks in advance

a very old & confused moron.

  canarieslover 10:50 07 Mar 2009

The motherboard drivers on your original installation of XP were not the correct ones for your new motherboard. You can often get away with deleting the old drivers and putting in the new ones, but, as you have found out, that is not always the case. What does surprise me is that it did not work as slave on your other machine. It certainly should not have corrupted the other machine unless there was malware or a virus on the drive.

  22bty 11:19 07 Mar 2009

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried to use the new M/B driver CD I could not get it to start, it would not boot that far, it just kept on rebooting half way through

  22bty 11:22 07 Mar 2009


I used my antivirus before starting

  ICF 16:35 07 Mar 2009

Who installed the CPU on the motherboard?

  22bty 10:02 08 Mar 2009


I installed the CPU myself, I am sure it's OK

  sunnystaines 13:06 09 Mar 2009

I have only been to one computer fair and the sellers seemed a shady lot just my impression may be wrong but would not buy from them any more than i would buy a pc part from a boot sale.

  22bty 14:30 09 Mar 2009

Thanks Canarieslover

Done it as you said, all OK now, (still baffled with the other HDDs though).

Thanks to all who took the time to answer

Cheers all

  ronalddonald 11:44 10 Mar 2009

always always back up your files onto pen drive or a separate drive that is uses a usb connection. that way you wont lose files.

  22bty 15:44 10 Mar 2009

Cheers, Ronald will do.

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