Dual Channel Memory

  rickf 16:33 15 Jun 2003

1) I have the GA-8IG1000 Pro running dual memory. At present I have two identical single sided 256 modules on banks 1 and 3. I am thinking of upping these to 1024 ddr. Would I need to get the other pair to be isdentical with the present pair. This, I envisage would be a problem as it may not be possible to find identical ones by then. Any ideas appreciated.
2) Dual meory basically increases the amount by 1.5 times. I have 512 at present and it is showing this in device manager. Should it not read closer to 768mb or is the 256 increase hidden.

THanks in advance.

  Rayuk 16:41 15 Jun 2003

If you have 2 x 256Mb sticks that is 512Mb
dual channel can give you an extra 3-5% performance gain.

Where did you come by the idea that it increased the size of your ram???

  rickf 16:51 15 Jun 2003

My mother board manual gave this example:
4g=6.4g app.
Manual of said motherboard above. Anyway, should the increase be shown in device manager. Do you know?

  rickf 17:38 15 Jun 2003


  rickf 18:29 15 Jun 2003

Of course stupid me. I should hace know. Thanks

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