Dual BT broadband setup

  badgermansix 08:20 26 Apr 2005


I have just been sent another modem, voyager105 plus spliters, from BT because I changed my broadband package.
I now have the original Voyager100 going spare, it was working o.k.
I have two PC's. and I could use broadband on both if I unplugged the modem USB cable from one and plugged into the other.

My question..I thought that if I used two spliters from a double socket(?) at the telephone junction box, I would be able to use the second modem to save me unplugging each time,
but this does not work, not even if one PC is switched off>

Any comments please?

  Bagsey 09:04 26 Apr 2005

Check out this thread.
click here

  Noelg23 10:40 26 Apr 2005

ok hold on...I am now confused...please start from the beginning and I will see if I can help...

  badgermansix 21:33 26 Apr 2005

Bagsey, thanks for that link, it is very interesting to me, As I said, I have two PC's, now both with their own BT Broadband modem and splitters.

But even if I have the modems connected to different telephone sockets and splitters, and one PC is switched off, I cannot connect to BTBB with the other, unplug the switched off PC's modem,from the splitter and the other is fine.

Noelg23..I don't know what else to say :-))

  howard60 22:34 26 Apr 2005

I have 2 pcs each with their own adsl modem. They are in separate rooms each with a phone socket and of course a filter. Whichever one I use works just fine without removing the connection from the filter. Both pcs cannot connect at the same time but I do not have to unplug anything. With 1 pc switched off their will be no signal at the filter so the other should work just fine.

  badgermansix 10:05 30 Apr 2005

I have tried all combinations :-(((
as long as I remove the modem cable from one filter (in different rooms) the other works fine.
Its a pain but at least I can use them both, although I don't understand why they will not work if one PC is switched off?
Thanks anyway>

  badgermansix 08:30 25 Jan 2006

I have been told by BT that I am on the edge of the envelope to recieve BB and that is the possible reason?

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