Dual Boot,XP+98se. 1Gb DDR is to much for 98se

  Chegs ® 02:43 22 Jan 2004

to handle.I have just created a FAT32 partition,copied an image of 98se to it,used PM to make it bootable with XP(switched off IDE hdd with XP,easier than PM)Once I had booted to it,I found I was missing any cd device(couldn't get any of DVD-RW/CD-RW/DVD-ROM recognised)so couldn't install any drivers for hardware,scratched my head for a bit,then remembered about 768mb RAM limit in 98se.As my XP partitions are in NTFS,98se partition couldn't see those either,so gave up tonite and booted back to XP.

Anyone confirm if 1Gb RAM could explain the vanishing optical drives.If this is so,I needn't bother with PM to convert the data partition to FAT32,to install the rest of the hardware.I will hunt thru my collection of puter bits and put a basic system together for 98se.Or,is there an app(free)I could install to "hide" 256mbs of RAM from 98se.

Any suggestions?

  tafoody 03:02 22 Jan 2004

win98se has a limit of 512mb before problems can occur click here

the simpliest solution is to limit the RAM available via start\run > MSCONFIG

then under general\advanced there is a check box to limit the RAM, set it 512mb.

cannot confirm that it causes your problem, but you should at least see if it helps.

  ©®@$? 03:06 22 Jan 2004
  Chegs ® 09:45 22 Jan 2004

I have decided to forget about putting 98se partition on this machine,as there are so many problems to overcome.FAT32 and 120Gb hdd's,1Gb RAM,SATA,RAID,etc.I will put together a "basic" system from my spare mobo(Epox)hdd(IDE 15Gb)This lot will need a case and PSU(I had a spare,but my XP system keeps killing PSU's,so I used my spare PSU in it)

Thanks for the links.

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