Dual Booting XPHome & 98SE

  nutcrusher 12:54 09 Aug 2005

After looking through previous postings on this subject for a solution I'd still appreciate some help. My 60Gig HD has been particioned into approx 2X30Gig - XPHome is loaded on C: and 98SE D:. XP runs fine but I'm having trouble loading software to cover the Motherboard setup, Graphics, sound etc on 98SE. Will I benefit by Reinstalling both ie 98SE on C: and XP on D: ?
Many thanks any help.

  stlucia 13:01 09 Aug 2005

What kind of trouble? If you're saying that you can't get Win 98 drivers for those components, then putting Win 98 onto your C: drive isn't going to help.

Having said that, a complete re-install of Win 98 first, and then, after everything is running correction, Win XP, might resolve things.

  nutcrusher 13:42 09 Aug 2005

I have the up to date drivers but either these fail to open from the CD or "stick" during installing. Thanks your interest and help - it's looking like switching the XP and 98SE around.

  nutcrusher 14:05 09 Aug 2005

Having re read other postings on this subject, especially "Flecc's original post Parts One, Two, Three" I'm aware of not installing a boot manager, yet at boot up I'm offered the option of XP or 98SE. Any comments.

  Jollyjohn 14:12 09 Aug 2005

I have multiple OS's installed and use Partition magic & Boot magic to organise things.
I partioned the HDD into four primary partitions, one of which is an extended partition. Within this I have three logical partitions, one for w98 applications etc, one for XP apps and a data partition. Anything that gives an option of where to install i put on the appropriate logical partition.
Using Bootmagic there is only ever one C:\ the other OS is hidden by bootmagic.

  pk470 18:54 09 Aug 2005

I have had dual boot W98 WXP and someware along the line it has always gone belly up may be not the same day it's installed but it will.

  Yoda Knight 19:44 09 Aug 2005

Boot Manager is installed by XP when it detects multiple OS. Can be edited in boot.ini.

Both OS will claim to be C, depending which you boot into at the time.

Install Win98 first, then XP will do all the configuring for you.

Drivers are not related to your setup

  nutcrusher 07:36 10 Aug 2005

Thank you, I will try your solution.
Thank you all for your contributions.

  stlucia 13:25 10 Aug 2005

Yoda Knight is right about installing 98 first, and then letting XP configure itself. Just remember not to select the "upgrade" option when installing XP, otherwise it will supersede your 98 installation instead of installing alongside it.

I've got dual boot 98SE and XP Home, with 98 on C: and XP on E: drive.

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