Dual booting Win98 upgrade to XP & possibly Linux

  [DELETED] 13:35 30 Oct 2003

I currently use Windows 98SE and I'm thinking of getting XP. As I'm not confident all my hardware & software will work on XP I'd prefer to run both. I seem to remember reading somewhere something about when you install XP it gives you the option of operating a dual boot system. Is this so? If so:

1)Is it OK if you already have 98 installed?

2)Will it allow you to install other operating systems such as Linux, or would you need to use Partition Magic to do this? (I already have PM, but it is only version 5 which wouldn't work with XP.) Would PM do the job differently or possibly better?

3) Am I right in thinking that a new version of XP is due out soon, which might be worth waiting for?

4) Is it true that I can't buy XP upgrade edition if 98 came installed on the computer when I bought it?

  [DELETED] 13:42 30 Oct 2003

Having Windows 98 installed doesn't make any difference. But you need another partition to install WindowsXP to.

You would need to let Linux install LILO or GRUB. The Windows boot loader doesn't support Linux. In other words you couldn't access Linux.

I understand that Windows XP SP2 is on the horizon, but don't know any further details.

The Windows XP SP1 installation made no objections to my Windows98SE disc, when I upgraded. That same disc came with my computer. However I don't know how legal this is.

  [DELETED] 13:56 30 Oct 2003

I run dual-boot 98SE and XP Home Edition. XP was an upgrade version, and detected that the 98SE installed on my PC was itself an upgrade legal version, so it asked me to put in my original Windows CD to validate it. I expect that if my 98SE hadn't been an upgrade, XP would not have required me to insert my CD.

If you want to dual-boot 98 and XP, 98 must be installed first.

  [DELETED] 14:17 30 Oct 2003

if you want to be able to see booth partitions from win 98 you must install xp on fat 32 as 98 can not read ntfs.darren

  [DELETED] 23:50 30 Oct 2003

Thanks to all for the above!

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