Dual booting Win7 and XP pro

  bumpkin 16:25 29 Aug 2014

I am tyring to get dual boot to work using EasyBCD. Tried everything I can think of and read all the help files but just can't get it to work. I have XP pro on one HDD and Win 7 on the other. The only way I can select the desired OS is by changing the drive order in BIOS. If I set it to boot from the W7 drive then BCD gives me the option of choosing Win7 or XP but only Win7 will load. If I boot from the XP drive then BCD cannot see the W7 one. Sony Desktop PC. Any suggestions please.

  bumpkin 20:41 29 Aug 2014


  rdave13 21:07 29 Aug 2014

You might be using an older version of EasyBCD, newer versions are paid for only. Otherwise a load of info here from Win 7 forums.

  bumpkin 21:47 29 Aug 2014

thanks rdave, am having a read but all seems to be stuff I have tried. I have done this successfully on my own machine a while back. The free version claims to work and I am starting to think that the problem is with the BIOS as I can only get one or the other HDD drive to show in the boot order with the dvd's and floppys as alternatives. I cant get both of them to show ie. Seagate as first choice then Western Digital next in my case. I can only change them by making the appropriate one the top one in the Hard drive selection menu, if that makes any sense.

  rdave13 22:16 29 Aug 2014

It does as the boot manager you have (EasyBCD) is not set up right or has been changed so that it does not actually manage the boot up options. The boot manager is the first to show after the BIOS checks are finished. That's not working for some reason.

Heavier reading. Possible the link for the last free version of EasyBCD that will do it within the link.

If still not working then it could be a BIOS problem but I doubt it. Easy BCD is only a boot manager after all.

Disable floppy in BIOS.

1]: [click here

  bumpkin 23:05 29 Aug 2014

I don't believe this after hours of trying to sort it. All I have done is disable the floppy and now it works perfectly. The power to the floppy drive was disconnected but the data cable still connected which I can only assume was the cause of the problem. Who would have thought that, something learned every day. Thanks for your help.

  john bunyan 23:17 29 Aug 2014

I only kept dual boot for a month. W7 better! I seem to remember restore points were lost when switching systems so maybe worth making images regularly.

  bumpkin 23:40 29 Aug 2014

JB, you have to edit the registry in XP to prevent restore points from being removed but that is fairly easy. I found that when moving on to Win7 from XP it was handy to have XP still available.

beeuuem, thanks anyway for trying to help.

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