Dual booting Win XP and Win 98SE - How??

  Longnose 11:43 15 Jun 2003

How do I go about adding WIN 98SE to a secondary HDD for a dual boot setup?.

From what I understand WIN 98SE most be loaded first - I do not want to reinstall WIN XP again or fiddle with moving HDD's around.

Suggestions will be appreciated.


  powerless 11:45 15 Jun 2003

Install Windows 98 to the second hard drive - Do this first.

Then you'll have have to make a chnage to the boot file in Widows XP so you can boot from the other drive.

Install 98 first then post back.

  Longnose 11:55 15 Jun 2003

How do I go about convincing Win 98 to install on the second HDD (Fat32) - it keeps trying to install on the main HDD (NTFS) - gives error about file sytem (as it should)

  powerless 11:59 15 Jun 2003

The best way (that i know) is to literally disconnect the XP hard drive.

That way its out of the way and Windows will only see your second HDD.

You only need to diconnect the power cable on the XP HDD.

  Longnose 12:14 15 Jun 2003

Thanks all.

I will give it a bash and see what happens.

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