Dual Booting / Modems

  uskfisherman 18:49 23 Feb 2003

I have DB WindowsME and XP on a separate hard drive. ME connects to ISP usi8ng a M28oo-W Data Fax Modem but XP refuses to accept it. I bought another Modem 56K Fax and this was installed without any problem. I then lost sound on Me because the modem taken out evidently also acted as a sound card. I put the old modem back in and restored sound to ME by using to cable connectors joined to one going into the telephone socket. All is well at the moment except every time I boot into ME it tells me it has found new hardware and wants to reinstall the drivers for MR2800, What a tangle, perhaps at 78 I should leave well alone!Is there anyone out there please

  MAJ 19:40 23 Feb 2003

Have you tried searching for an XP driver for your original modem, uskfisherman? I had a search around and found this click here, it might help.

PS. What kind of fish are you catching on the Usk?

  Kalb 20:11 23 Feb 2003

Had a similar experience and although I downloaded XP driver for the modem from this site the modem still doesn't work properly.....perfect on Win98SE...XP doesn't seem to like sharing the same modem !
click here

  uskfisherman 13:59 24 Feb 2003

I downloaded drivers from aztech, duly installed them, and hey presto every thing works one my single original modem which came with my PC(Packard Bell). I am extremely grateful for the help provided.
Regarding the Usk ,it is a good Salmon river from May on, and particularly in Sep/October. My average catch is about 10 good size fish with many put back for conservation. The river used to be excellent for trout, but the natural fish have fallen away considerably. This is due to water abstraction, pollution killing off the fly life especially nitrates etc etc coming of farm land when it rains.
Sincere thanks once again to both Maj and Kalb.

  graham 14:40 24 Feb 2003

Is the Saavas Club still open in Usk? I shook hands with Cliff Richard after one of his shows there.

  uskfisherman 17:57 24 Feb 2003


This club closed probably about 6/8 years ago.Whoever ran it went bankrupt I believe. Just at the minute it is being demolished and expensive houses are being built there. It must have have a long since your met our Cliff.


Ken Jones

  graham 18:12 24 Feb 2003

Ken, it was indeed a long time ago, Cliff used to do the full week. I'm from 'upp north', used to work in show-biz and was at Saavas a lot. Beautiful part of the world, Usk.

regards, graham

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