Dual Boot XP & Vista

  sam49 14:35 02 Aug 2007

Hi i intend to dual boot my computer with XP & vista.
My question is if i have one partition with Xp installed C: drive and Visat on the D: partition and My Documents on E: partition will i have to install my apps like office on both the XP and Vista partitions so then i would have two insterlation of all my applications. If this is correct and i have my documents on the E: Partition if i save a file in Xp and then swap to Vista will i then be able to load the samefile and edit it please


  Quiet Life 15:55 02 Aug 2007

As far as Office is concerned yes. If you try to run on Vista and Office is loaded on XP you will get a message "Operating System not configured to run this Application" A lot of programs and utilities that do not integrate will run and you can drop a shortcut onto the desktop when running Vista. I endeavoured to use My Documents in C but in the end copied them over to D . I could however edit the same document in either operating system. Having them separate in E might be OK but I have no experience of that.
Basically as my other two machines ran XP and I was happy with it I gave up on Vista as with only 1gb memory I found it slower. You certainly have nothing to loose by dual booting and you can see how it goes.

  sam49 16:17 02 Aug 2007

Hi thanks for the advice, as i see it i ahve read quite a lot about Vista and i would like to give it a try, but i dont whant to have to remove Vista if i find some of my favorites program will not run with Vista, so i thought of the dual boot route then if Microsoft sort out the problems with vista with a srevice pac all i have to do is remove Xp and then just carry on with vista.
The reason i said i will put my documents on the E Drive it will only be a partition of the same drive. I like my documents on a seperate partition just in case something happens to the operating system and i have to reformat that way i dont loose all my data.


Thanks for the advice

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