Dual boot XP Pro and XP Pro

  Tom123 17:45 06 Nov 2003

hey i have a 120 gig hdd, and i wanna split taht 60/60. on one half i want XP Pro (english) and the other XP Pro (Chinese). im trying to partition it with Partition Magic 7 but whenever it sets it, and a new drive is created, c: is always still 120 and d: is 60..so adding up it = 180 which isnt true. how do i set it properly? also are there any issues with have 2 XP Pros on the same system and one bieng chinese?

  spikeychris 19:28 06 Nov 2003

You don't need PM. Just format the drive with the XP installation disk and install each flavour on the separate partitions you will have created at the format stage.

There will not be any issues of dual booting XP with XP in any language.


  temp003 02:36 07 Nov 2003

I don't know what steps you took in using PM7, but try resizing (shrinking) the existing partition first, at the same time creating free space after the existing partition. click here

When that succeeds, create a new partition from the free or unallocated space. click here

For XP dual boot, a new logical drive will do. If you do want to create a new primary partition, just remember not to set the new partition as active (there's no need), if you want to use XP's native dual boot capability.

Then restart computer with XP Chinese CD, choose to install fresh copy, and highlight the new partition in which to install new copy of XP Chinese, and you'll be prompted to format it. Files will be copied, and then let the computer restart, this time from the hard disk (not from CD), and after that the computer will restart again, this time with a dual boot menu to select from.

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