Dual Boot XP/ Home XP Pro

  peterleemaxwell 13:29 04 Apr 2003

I have a problem with XP home, a difficult one(DOS 16bit error), but it is 99% working excellent, just the way I like it. It's taken some time to get it just as I like it running. The question I would like to know the answer to is:- Can I dual boot 'Home' with 'XP PRO', even on different hard drives? Is there anyone that has this set-up?
What are the advantages to 'PRO' over 'Home'? Hope to get a reply.

  Soy (AKA tran1) 13:40 04 Apr 2003

Yeah, you can.

With Xp, its pretty easy becuase they will detect each other and give you a boot menu with the options to select which OS.

Installing each on a separate hard drive is best as you won't have to much about creating partition and risk losing data.

Just install each OS on a hard drive separatly and then connect both up as master slave combination. Then when you log on, you should get the boot option.

  Soy (AKA tran1) 13:41 04 Apr 2003
  peterleemaxwell 14:53 04 Apr 2003

Thanks Soy (AKA tran1), A great help.

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