Dual boot with windows and Android on a laptop etc

  rsedw 12:33 19 Dec 2010

I have a touch screen laptop and would like to know if anyone has tried to add the android operating system to a laptop to allow dual booting. If so is it easy and how is it done please?

  gengiscant 12:53 19 Dec 2010
  LastChip 13:22 19 Dec 2010

Android for laptops is very much at a development level and although I suspect what you want to try is possible, it will not be for the faint hearted.

For example, only a handful of graphics cards (or chips) have drivers.

Manufacturers that are shipping Android based touch screen devices, have very talented in house programmers (or access to outside contractors), that have the capability to debug any problems discovered on the particular machine they're working on.

I suspect as yet, there is no built in dual boot functionality, though I don't know that to be fact.

Android is based heavily on Linux and Linux is a system with the right knowledge you can do just about anything you want to. BUT, the key is - "right knowledge" and even though I consider myself quite proficient now, it's not something I'd tackle at this point in time.

But it will come, it's just a question of when!

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