Dual Boot Windows 98 / XP

  GaryH 23:22 16 Apr 2006

I have a dual boot system for 98 and XP. My problem is that the 98 version has gone wrong and I nee to reload 98. I do not want to have to reload XP after again. Can anyone advise the best way to repair or reload 98 and still have the boot option screen at start up?

  GaryH 23:33 16 Apr 2006

The probelm with 98 is that it says Explorer has performed an illeagal operation and then it freezes?

  Stuartli 23:36 16 Apr 2006
  remind 23:39 16 Apr 2006

Assuming your 98 is c: and XP is on another partition, just re-install 98; the boot loader will still work - it just changes the default from XP to 98. Rename your old Program Files and Windows folders (if you have room), install 98 ensuring it installs to a fresh c:\Windows folder and then you can recover any data from your old '98 install.

  GaryH 23:40 16 Apr 2006

Thanks Stuart but I have created a dual boot system before what I would like to do is reload 98 without having to reload XP as well? Do you have a solution

  GaryH 14:37 17 Apr 2006

Can anyone just confirm that if I reload 98 I will not affect the option to boot either system please?

  Pine Man 15:32 17 Apr 2006

On the basis that W98 was installed first and XP second, what would have happened would have been that the W98 boot up sequence would have been changed, by XP, to allow you to select either W98 or XP.
I suspect that if you re-install W98 you will end up with a boot up sequence that will go straight to W98 and not give you an option to select XP.
However there must be a way to modify the boot sequence to allow you to return to dual-booting and, hopefully, someone out there knows how to do it cause I don't!

  remind 15:36 17 Apr 2006

I had to do this yesterday, I have 98 and 2 installs of XP on one HD, boot options were unchanged but for the menu defaulting to Windows 98, easily changed when you get into XP. If for any reason it were to go wrong, boot from XP CD, do Fixboot from the console, job done.

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