Dual Boot on a Win 7 & XP computer

  Pathologist 12:29 11 Jul 2010

I have a new computer which has both Win 7 and XP installed. The default boot OS is Win 7 and I want to change it to XP. I've tried doing this in the BIOS, but that hasn't worked - I guess I'm not doing it properly. Advice please.

  mgmcc 13:00 11 Jul 2010

Go into the System Configuration utility ("Start > Run", type MSCONFIG and click OK), then select the Boot tab. Highlight the entry for XP and click the button to set it as Default.

  john bunyan 13:52 11 Jul 2010

I had dual boot XP and W7 for a few weeks. Found I did not need XP pretty soon. If you launch XP, for some reason it deletes restore points in W7. I think there is a fix - Google and I think you have to regetit something.Do you particularly need XP?

  john bunyan 13:53 11 Jul 2010
  Pathologist 14:46 11 Jul 2010

The system utility suggestion doesn't work. My two OSs are on completely different drives C and D - the XP SU one only offers XP as the default, with no other option. The Win 7 drive also only offers Win 7 as an option. However, my initial boot sequence comes up with the two OSs, with Win 7 as the default. I want to set XP as the default until I get familiar with Win 7.

  john bunyan 15:07 11 Jul 2010

I am not sure how to solve your issue - when I had dual boot the initial screen gave an option which to boot. Whichever it was became the C Drive. If the other was launched - that became the C drive.

  Pathologist 15:40 11 Jul 2010

Thanks. I guess I'll have to settle for the current situation - it may even make me adopt Win 7 sooner than I planned!

  Zeppelyn 23:32 14 Jul 2010

What you need is Easybcd, select Edit Boot Menu and select XP as default. Its the easiest way to edit Win 7 boot files.

click here to download.

  Pathologist 17:54 16 Jul 2010

Thanks for that suggestion. I'll have a go with that program.

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