dual boot Vista and Windows7 with two hard drives

  caast©? 12:13 07 Aug 2011

Hi I have a Vista Ultimate PC which is filling up 250gb nicely so I have bought a new HDD 500gb with the intention of installing windows 7 and hopeing to Dual boot to Either Vista or Win7. I would like to install my Director9 and Pinnacle programs on the new drive and just use that one to edit and store my Movie creations.

I have googled how to do this but it seems a minefield and should I install win7 it will only boot to that unless I partition the new drive and install both Vista and Win7 to give me the option of dual booting.

I dont really want to do that as I have everything on the old vista drive and dont want to loose anything from it. I know I could partition and still have the vista drive as a back up drive but really would like both operating systems on seperate hard drives and be able to choose which operating system to boot to. i.e Vista for my day to day and website maintainence, and Win7 to edit and store my movie creations and slide shows etc.

Also if I re-instal Vista on a new partition won't I have to instal all my windows updates again?

Can anyone please help me Dual boot two two dives? one using Vista already installed, and one newly installed empty 500gb drive, or alternately inform me that it just cannot be done and the only way to do it is to partition the new drive and install both operating systems on the one drive.

Thanks in anticipation of your much appreciated replies. M

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 07 Aug 2011

Boot from Windows 7 DVD

Make absolutely sure that you choose the “Custom (advanced)” installation option, so you're able to select the second HDD. Be careful, you run the risk of installing over your old operating system along with all of your data if you select the wrong partition.

W7 will alter the boot files on the C: drive and give you a menu so you will be able to choose to boot from Vista or W7

  caast©? 13:16 07 Aug 2011


Is that all there is to it, if so it's no problem, however the google searches seem to suggest it's more complicated than that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:34 07 Aug 2011

You already have vista which has the same boot menu as W7 and uses the same boot files.

With XP its harder due to differing boot files.

Also if trying to install and older xp or vista system after W7 is harder as MS don't want you to downgrade.

W7 after Vista and on a separate partition / drive = Yes it should be that simple.

  caast©? 00:26 13 Aug 2011

Sorry taken so long to get back to you, I have been away.

Anyway just thought I would let you know The Win 7 installation worked a dream, and I now have Dual Boot Option. p.s I was surprised how quick the installation was, thought it would take much longer. Anyway everything seems to work fine and I have no problems (touch wood)

Many thanks for all your advice Fruit Bat /\0/\


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