Dual boot VISTA

  iqs 11:22 04 Jul 2008


I have WIN XP on one HDD,and I will be fitting a second HDD for VISTA.

I will install and format the second HDD first,just to make it is formatted correctly.

I will then boot from the VISTA disc,doing it this way,will VISTA detect both HDD,and give me the option to install to the second HDD ???


  Gordon999 14:14 04 Jul 2008

I know that when dual booting you would normally put two OS on the same disk and this information is stored in the bootini file which is what you see when booting and giving you the choice of OS.

You will probably end up with two HDD with two OS's. Have you tried installing one as the master and one as the slave and trying it that way.

  iqs 14:44 04 Jul 2008

Hi,both are SATA HDD,there is no slave or master.cheers

  BurrWalnut 14:58 04 Jul 2008

If XP is working OK, leave it on the first HDD (master).

Physically install the second HDD as slave, partition and format it in XP‘s Disk Management.

Boot from the Vista DVD and install it on the ‘new’ drive. It will take less than 30 minutes. Before installing any other hardware or software, install SP1, which should take between 30-40 minutes. If SP1 ‘takes’ or not then install everything else.

Once Vista is installed, it is the default operation system and boot.ini becomes inoperative. Download VistaBootPro to handle the boot options, click here

  BurrWalnut 15:01 04 Jul 2008

Sorry, you've just posted that the HDDs are SATA whilst I was typing my reply.

Make sure the SATA drivers are on a CD when you install Vista.

  iqs 15:12 04 Jul 2008

Vista recognized the new SATA HDD,but could not install because the drive was DYNAMIC ???.Cheers

  BurrWalnut 15:55 04 Jul 2008

You need to convert from dynamic, click here

  iqs 15:59 04 Jul 2008

Gordon999 for your help with the dual boot issue.

Thanks BurrWalnut for the link for converting back to basic.I have changed it back to basic,and am now formatting the HDD,you are a star,cheers

  woodchip 16:02 04 Jul 2008

Only problem being that Vista will install some files or change some on the XP drive to stop this remove the XP drive and load vista on the new drive then use another boot manager. I use Acronis OS to dual boot 98se and XP. I did as above

  iqs 22:41 04 Jul 2008

all,and many thanks for all the help.I now have a dual boot setup :-)


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