Dual boot with two drives

  beeuuem 18:52 29 Apr 2004

A friend has asked for some advice. I told her I don't know the answer but I know some people who will.

Her original work computer was damaged during a burglary. The insurance company insisted that the new system be obtained from PCW.
PCW installed the old disk as drive F: and transfered the files from the old disk to the new. The 'old' drive has Win98 installed but obviously won't boot up.
The question is if the F drive is changed to Drive C will 98 boot up and how can she get the option to boot to the XP drive?
I assume that a change to the boot.ini file may be needed.
All suggestions gratefully received.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:11 29 Apr 2004

9) Multiboot Manager

Dear Fred: OSL2000, is a slick multi boot manager that allows
up to 100 bootable partitions, multiple copies of the same
system, boot from a second hard drive, boot from a logical
partition and more. I'm using it now to boot Win98FE from a
second primary partition on my new 40G Hitachi drive with an
8meg buffer that turned my aging 300mhz Dell Inpsiron 7000
laptop into a screamer. My next step is to install Win98SE
over a copy of my working system and give it a tryout, then
move onto installing Linux.

With the new drive and OSL2000 it's like a whole new machine.
You can find OSL2000 at click here it's
shareware with nag screen until you subscribe.

Thank you for the great publication.--Arn

Thanks Arn. Just to keep terms straight--- a boot manager lets you
select which of several (or many) OSes to boot to. Your PC can have many
OSes installed, and you run them one at a time; each OS "owns" the PC
while it's running.

A Virtual PC ( click here ) also lets you have many OSes
on your PC, but they run concurrently--- you can have several OSes going
at the same time, and jump between them.

Both ways have their strengths and weaknesses; both ways let you have
multiple OSes on one system--- which is very handy, any way you do it!

  Diodorus Siculus 19:13 29 Apr 2004

Be careful of changing the F drive as it will have different drivers etc on it - it can cause problems if you boot with it.

If you want Win98, then try installing it on new drive.

  Rayuk 19:29 29 Apr 2004

You could go into the bios and change boot up sequence from ide0 to ide1 and vice versa
Not an ideal situation but if only needs to do it occasionally may be adequate.

  Rayuk 19:30 29 Apr 2004

That is assuming it is the same motherboard make and model if not maybe a little more difficult.

  beeuuem 19:44 29 Apr 2004

Thanks for replies - hadn't thought of the different drivers on 98.
Will suggest that her boss puts his hand in his pocket and gets the job done properly.

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