Dual Boot systems create problems of their own

  xania 13:40 11 Apr 2005

I've been using 98SE for many years supported by Partition Magic. You know - you complete the installation then create a copy somewhere else on the HD using PM8. Then, when the existing system degrades too far, you simply delete it and copy back that saved original to get a quick clean system.

So far so good.

I've just installed XP as a dual boot arrangement, and, in the same manner, taken a copy using PM8. Now here comes the rub. It seems that you only get one bootable system, so if SE is bootable, XP is not.

I have now identified the following:

1. You cannot over-write your XP partition with a saved version (PM8 actually warns you about this and hides the partition, which you then have to unhide) - somehow, I can only assume that, immediately you delete the existing partition, the OS tells the bootable partition that XP is no longer there and, when you replace it, doesn't bother to mention that its come back.

2. You cannot over-write the 98SE partition - somehow, even if you've saved the dual boot information, that's it!!

3. You cannot delete the 98SE partition and directly go to a single boot XP, because, as already mentioned, this XP is not bootable.

4. However, if 98SE becomes damaged, you CAN reinstall it over the top and it somehow WILL still remember that it boots 2 systems.

So my question is how do you get round all this - short of using a different Dual Boot Manager (PM8 does provide one). For example, in what order are programs run nowadays in order to get the OS to load. In Windows 3.x, it was the autoexec.bat that loaded WIndows, but '95 did away with all that so what calls windows now? Is this program amenable to user amendment, and if so how? Or is there a file we need to save and copy when we make partition changes?

PS I do need a dual boot system - I have some programs which will not run under XP even in emulation mode, and the company is no longer in business, so up-grades are out of the question.

  xania 10:11 12 Apr 2005


  TomJerry 11:05 12 Apr 2005

you can repair your not boot XP partition

(1) hide all other primary os partion, only has this XP partition active, you may need PQboot for this

(2) have you WinXP CD in drive

(3) restart your PC, press del to get into bios to make the CD first boot device

(4) now, PC will boot from CD

(5) select recovery concole

(6) type "fixboot", this should fix the problem, if not, look what other commands available in Recovery concole by "help", pick one and try it again

hope this help

  woodchip 11:11 12 Apr 2005

If you make a new Image of 98 after you load XP you should not have a problem reloading 98. The reason is XP put some file's on the 98 partition

  xania 12:32 12 Apr 2005

TomJerry - thanks I hadn't thought of that. Shouldn't need to but any port in a storm.

woodchip - OK, I'll recheck this, but is still doesn't explain why replacing the XP partition stops the new version being seen by the existing SE partition.

Clearly, I need to spend more time experimenting, or perhaps I'll leave well alone and wait until it breaks.

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