Dual boot system:Newbie needs help plz!!!

  Fiery251 09:19 25 Feb 2003

Ok, I've partitioned my 40Gb HD into two parts. Two 20Gb portions to be exact.

I am running Windows 98SE, and I want to install Windows XP Pro on the new,empty partition.

How exactly do I go about this?. Is it simply a case of sticking the XP CD in the drive, and pointing it towards my "G:" drive to install onto?.

And if so, is it the case, that after that is done, whenever I switch on my PC, will it automatically ask me what OS I want to run, i.e., what drive do I want to boot from?. Or do I have to boot up as normal, W98SE, and then do what to run XP?.
Sorry if the questions sound like they are coming from a clueless person!!!. I'm new to all this Dual-boot stuff, but I'm determined to get it off the ground!!.

Thanx in advance.

  MAJ 09:25 25 Feb 2003

You've got it correct, Fiery251. Just insert the XP CD, point it to install on your second 20 gig partition. It will install it's own boot loader so that when you start your PC you will get a choice whether to start Win98 or XP. If you don't choose, it will default to load XP after 30 seconds.

  Lú-tzé 09:26 25 Feb 2003

Yes, do a custom install and point to the drive you want.

XP provides a boot menu - gives you the choice between the two OS.

Have a look here: click here and susbstitute XP for 2000

  tran1 09:29 25 Feb 2003

yes, it will ask you which partition to install Xp onto. Just select your second partition.

  Fiery251 16:23 25 Feb 2003

I kinda suspected that was the case. Thanx for confirming it for me guys. :)

Anything else to watch out for when installing?. Or is it as straightforward as it would appear to be?.

  Lú-tzé 17:34 25 Feb 2003

It really is straightforward - afterwards there is some fine tuning if there are different things you want to do: say, share favorites, my docs (preferably onto a third partition), share emails and so on.

Before you start installing XP, why not re-partition your hdd into three - say 15 for win98, 15 for XP and the remainder for your docs, backups and so on?

  flecc 17:48 25 Feb 2003

Make sure you choose the New Installation option, not the Upgrade (recommended), since the latter will install XP over the 98.

  flecc 17:50 25 Feb 2003

When you get to the Language choice screen, click the Advanced button above and you'll get the option to choose the partition to install to. Just check the box and you'll get the option a short while after.

  flecc 17:55 25 Feb 2003

I've been trying to paste in the full info from my files, but I'm struggling in the new Lindows 3 operating system at the moment! I've finally managed to acghieve it, having overcome the Linux obtuseness, so here's the full story.

To install XP dual booting with an older Windows version, first create a separate partition for your 98/ME and programs using a utility like Partition Magic. Even with Partition Magic, backing up your data first is a wise precaution.

Once you've achieved that with 98/ME in the C partition, you will be able to install XP to D (the rest of the drive).

After loading the XP disc and the operation commencing, the procedure is to choose Full Install (Advanced) instead of Upgrade. As the installation progresses, you'll get to an options Window allowing you to set English (United Kingdom) as the language instead of the default English (US).

On that same window you will see an Advanced Button, which when used gives an option at the foot: "I want to choose the Install Drive Letter and Partition". Check that option and carry on with the installation, during which you'll be offered the option to select D as the drive to install to. If you have an Upgrade Edition of XP, you will be asked to insert your existing Windows CD into the ROM drive to confirm your entitlement.

The options from then on are straightforward, and may include a second point of choice for UK English and a keyboard language option.

When the installation completes, remove the XP disc before the final reboot to prevent setup starting again, and you'll see a choice screen when you boot. The default is to XP, but below it will be a Windows entry to choose when you want to access 98/ME.

If you miss removal of the XP disc before the final boot and Setup starts again, just switch off the computer. Then reboot and immediately hit the CD ROM eject to remove the disc quickly.

  Fiery251 18:23 25 Feb 2003

Thanks very much indeed for all the helpful advice folks!!.

I sincerely appreciate it.

Your all Stars!!!!.



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