Pete_W 20:39 08 Jul 2004

I've run a dual boot system for a couple of years (Win ME & XP Home) for reasons of older hardware drivers & programs. However, I am now up to date with everything & wish to reformat & clean install XP.

There is an advantage in a dual boot system, with a spare OS, so I will install it twice.

Anyway my query is... as I have two Hard drives, should I put the second OS on the second HD, 1st primary partition or, on the 1st HD, 2nd primary partition? And whichever you all recomend... why?


  Pete_W 21:59 08 Jul 2004

I was thinking if I completely clean install for both OSs, then there won't be any confusing boot file fragments to cock things up later... & they will!
The main reason I asked about which disk to use is that the setup screen recomends using the primary on the 2nd disk, dunno why. It's more tidy to have them both on ajacent partitions, so if others have it set up that way with no probs, I'll do that.

  Pete_W 20:52 09 Jul 2004

Yeah... I've seen this, but on top of the price of XP ££?... maybe MS will make the next version of windows with this capability.

  Pete_W 22:08 09 Jul 2004

Thanks to all the input from you all... I've just installed XP where ME was & am in the process of updating all drivers & windows upgrades (just gone broadband this week). I'ts working very sweetly as a clean install only can.

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